Saturday, March 28, 2009

We are still here!

I promise!
I know it has been since December since I have blogged. I know that's like, well, last year. I get that. It's a little intimidating- trying to decide if you should catch up on the last 3 months or if you should start fresh... or, my current dilema- start at all.
I am leaving it up to you, the reader. (I don't really even know how many there are!)
Leave a comment and tell me what you think I should do.
A) recap the last three months in one horrifically long blog and then be faithfully consistent from there.
B) Start fresh and current and carry on.
C) Scrap it and come see me on Facebook.

The life of this blog is in your hands people!!
I'll let this go on until I have a definitive answer... or until enough people respond to make it more than a one person tie. LOL

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Oh Baby It's Cold Outside!

I have so many wonderful things to blog about, but this will have to do for a while. Ashley got all dressed up Tuesday morning and it was just precious. I decided to do a little video about Christmas time- enjoy! :)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ho, Ho, Oh, no!

It is officially Christmas! We have decorated the house, hung the lights outside, the cards are ready to go (as soon as someone addresses them...) and now, we have talked to the big guy. Ashley was sooooo excited to go see Santa this year. She totally knew how cool he was. She wasn't scared in the least. In fact, the minute she saw him face to face, she proudly proclaimed that she wanted a "Caillou movie". (Yes, she watches too much t.v. Yes, I am a bad parent for that. I'm over it.) We waited entirely too long for our thirty second meeting with the man in red, but that's ok. It's what you do as a mom. One more Christmas box is checked. And nothing makes me happier than checked boxes.
What did not make me happy is what ensued over the next few days...
It all started the day we went to see Santa. When Ashley woke up from her nap too early and complained that her ear hurt I blamed it on her 2 year molars busting through...
After a cranky Wednesday, a sleepless Wednesday night and puking in the car on the way to school Thursday, it began to dawn on me that this might not be just her molars. So, we went to the doctor (once I cleaned the banana yogurt puke off of her, me, and the car. YUK)
She was diagnosed with her first ear infection- and you know it's not good when the doctor takes a look and says, "wow, that does not look good." and it wasn't. She had a fever over 101 all day Thursday and puked two more times. She laid on the couch literally the whole day, and for those of you that know my child well this is very, very, oh so very unlike her. She was pitiful. :(
But after a few days of antibiotics and a lot of Motrin she is on the mend. She has begun coughing though which freaks me out when I have several friends whose babies have RSV and pneumonia. I pray that she will push through and be fully better soon.
I guess when she saw Santa Tuesday she should have asked for a bill of good health instead of a movie... I will be sure to remind her next year to choose wisely.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Catching Up

My how time flies... I can't believe that it is already December 1st! The past couple months have been an absolute blur. I have been reminded time and time again how precious time is and how much I love my family and friends. I honestly don't have the time it would take to tell the stories and such for all that has happened in the past six weeks, so I will have to let the pictures do the talking. These are some of the highlights and the fun times that we had in October and November. Enjoy!

The State Fair of Texas

Fall Festival at Prestoncrest

Celina Big Orange Pumpkin Patch with Nana

Happy Halloween!

At the FW Zoo with Emily and Andee

Ashley's Fall Program at Sunshine School

Thank You God for Creatures Great and Small

(the 2's were bears!)

We love Mrs. Nicole!

ICE! at the Gaylord with Emily, Anna and the Momma's

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Viewing and Funeral Information

I wanted to pass along information regarding the viewing and funeral services for Christopher.

Thursday 6:00-8:00pm
Allen Family Funeral Options
2120 W. Spring Creek (b/t Independence & Custer)
Plano, TX

Friday 10:30am
St. Francis of Assisi
8000 El Dorado Pkwy
Frisco, TX

Burial following funeral services at cemetary behind the church

Reception at church following funeral and burial

Denise has requested that in lieu of flowers, she would prefer if everyone would either donate to the American Cancer Society on behalf of Christopher, or donate to the Seibert Family Fund to help Ethan for his future.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Christopher has gone Home

Christopher Seibert went home to be with the Lord this morning at about 6:45 a.m. Denise was at his side. Please keep Denise, Ethan and their extended family in your prayers.
If you would like to send your condolences, Denise has asked that in lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the American Cancer Society or to their donations web page which will now become a site for Ethan's future.
If you would like to send a note to them or help in any way with meals, etc. Please leave a comment and I will email you back.
Thank you to all of you who have been keeping this family in your prayers. Whether you know them or not, I know that it has helped. Chris was in so much pain and the Lord knew he needed to be healed, it just wasn't meant to be on this earth.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Update on the Seibert Family

I know that it has been a few weeks since I have updated the blog with anything, especially with news concerning Chris, Denise and Ethan. If the last three weeks have been a blur for me, I can only imagine how Denise is feeling. I talked with her today and she said that Chris has been sleeping the majority of the time since Saturday. He is not eating much at all and is only able to carry on short conversations while he is awake. They were able to get a hospital bed hopefully delivered tonight to ease his discomfort from laying on the couch and getting in and out of bed. It is looking like the end is near and my heart aches for them. I pray on and off throughout every day for them and some days I don't even have the words and I can only pray for God to give strength and peace to them. I understand now what his will for Chris is and while it deeply saddens me I also know that the ultimate plan is in HIS hands and not mine.
On a positive note, I have been so relieved and overjoyed to see the outpouring of love and support from friends, neighbors and even complete strangers. When this journey began there were so many needs to be filled and praise God, He has provided for so many of them. Meals are being delivered almost daily and cleaning has been arranged thanks to Mitzi, another friend and neighbor. Many people donated to the website and that has been a huge blessing for them. They are under a deep pile of medical bills from the past year and a half and it is such a relief for Denise to know that she can take care of at least some of that. I am just glad that unlike so many who lose a spouse all too soon, they are able to spend these last precious days together as a family. I pray that it brings Denise some sense of peace in the coming months and years.
Please continue to keep Christopher, Denise and Ethan in your prayers. If you would like to follow their story more closely you can visit
If you would like to donate please go to
Thank you